Finally, Magic The Routine has decided to revive on May 31th, 2018 after a long preparation period!
Thank you so much for waiting for us to resume activities and for allowing us to make a period for preparation for a long time!
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting!

As a result of members talking about future “Magic The Routine” tightly, we decided to newly do activities in this way and have prepared it.
After restarting, we will continue to activate as Magic The Routine with a new concept!

And, May 31th, we decided to perform the first live after the activity break at Hatsudai Doors!
The details of the time of the event are not decided yet, but as soon as details are known, we will report on SNS etc.
online reservation

Since we have made a new homepage from scratch, we are planning to post new information and videos etc. from now on!

further! We will release the third single on May 31th of the same day (High Resolution delivery and CD version) according to resumption of activities!

The title song of the third single is “Re:emotion”, in which lyrics contains the thoughts and determination towards the future.

Please check it by all means!

Finally, for a long time, thank you very much for waiting for the resumption of Magic The Routine’s activities, and for supporting us during the preparation period as usual!!
Since May 31th, we will start a new mind as a new Magic The Routine!

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