From the Yotsuya outbreak live event on June 21st, the stamp rally starts at Magic The Routine’s retail space at the venue!
You can get our limited goods every 3 points!
What kind of goods can you exchange??
It is going to be a surprise!!


◆◇How to join the stamp rally◇◆

[Method 1] ◆Let’s get a shop card with Magic The Routine’s LINE @!◆

① Please open “ID search” from “Add friends button” in the LINE application.
② When you enter Magic The Routine ID “@ magictheroutine” in the search frame, you will see the Add friends screen, so tap “Add”.

★Even if you read the QR code below with the QR code reader of the LINE application you can register!

③ Then, please open the “home” of Magic The Routine account from the “official account” in the friend list in the LINE application and open the “view account information” at the top.
④ When you open the “shop card” displayed at the top, you can GET the shop card!

★When you get a shop card, one point will be given to the reward you first registered!

☆If you have any questions on the GET method of the shop card, please let us know as members will answer in the retail space!

[Method 2] ◆Let’s get Magic The Routine’s handmade stamp card at the retail space!◆

Members of Magic The Routine will hand you a handmade stamp card at the retail space!

☆We’ll give you 2 points at the very beginning with the feeling of thanking you for getting stamp card!



◆◇How to collect points◇◆

☆We will give you points only once a day to those who visited Magic The Routine’s retail space!
Please do not hesitate to voice members at the retail space!

☆Which event can you receive points??
・The live event appeared as Magic The Routine
*In case of an event other than a live event in the band, if there is an event subject to the stamp rally, we will announce it in Band Twitter in advance!

◆If you have the shop card of LINE..◆
We will show you the QR code for handover of points at a retailer, so if you read the QR code with the LINE application, points will be awarded!

◆If you have our handmade stamp card..◆
We will add points to the stamp card at the retail space!


Please take the opportunity to collect points with stamp rally and get limited goods only for stamp cards! !

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