Concept art works released! – 2nd Report –


An illustration work that drew a scene at the school of ‘Magic The Routine’ was released on the Library page!

This illustration that images the sight which three people singing and relaxing, spending time of thinking, with the theme of the landscape with the impression of being an academic place, was kindly drawn by Illustrator Nyaon,Esq.
They made a very warm illustrations like cut out the everyday scenes in a bright atmosphere school!

Nyaon,Esq. who drew this illustration has been acting as an illustrator and has been drawing illustrations of the fantasy worldview!
Nyaon,Esq.’s Twitter

Thank you very much for giving us a lot of suggestions from the conceptual text of Magic The Routine, and drawing illustration which portrays the landscape at the school of Magic The Routine’s world and the everyday atmosphere of the members! !

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