[New goods]A New Member Appears in The Original Button Badges as “Chibi characters” !

From October 8, a new member Kujo Nao version appears in the original Chibi character badge!
A new member of Magic The Routine, Nao’s deformed character illustration is designed!

◇Size:φ about 38mm wide
◇Specification:safety pin

The badge will be on sale from the live event on October 8 at the venue’s sales space!
The item is limited in quantity. Please do not miss the chance.

The illustrator Mo”, Esq. was kind enough to draw the illustration and design of this badge continuously!
They finished the illustrations which the character of the new member “Nao” will be transmitted very much from the expression and pose of the character!
They work as an illustrator and character designer etc, also posted many nice illustrations on the website.


Thank you so much for help with us this time for making lovely badge design and Chibi character illustration!!

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