student number:01
Namine Amano (Vocal / Chorus)
Blood Type:A
Speciality:Power Eater
A serious student in anything.
Because of the straight personality, sometimes natural blur will come out.
student number:11
Nao Kujo (Guitar)
Blood Type:O
Speciality:Rainy Blue
A student who likes lively and fun.
Because he’s always smiling, someone think that he seems to be joking.


student number:28
Kei Mashiro (Keyboard)
Blood Type:O
A Student of few words.
And usually space out if him left alone.
Therefore, he is good at concentrating on something.
student number:35
Yuta Yagami (Drums)
Blood Type:B
Speciality:Lonely boot camp
A bit bad student.
Although he is lazy, he is paying attention to the time and human warmth.
He will spare no efforts to hone his strength and spirit.
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